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Meet Lexi Lee

Hi friends! I'm Lexi: a deeply passionate, detailed oriented, fun loving girl that has found her purpose in styling hair as a freelance bridal hairstylist and cut/colorist in the Milwaukee area. Whether it is traveling a few hours to an on-site location for a bridal party or taking clients in my quaint studio here in Waukesha; I am in love with my ever changing work environment! 

   While my first title is a hair stylist, I like to think of myself as a therapist as well. Whether it is a bride stressing on the morning of her wedding or a college student getting their hair colored and venting about that killer anatomy exam- I love to hear it all! I always tell my clients: I don't just care about their hair, I care about each and every beautiful woman that I am lucky enough to meet every day. My clients truly become my friends. I try to run my business this way as I strive to portray the most real, down-to-earth Lexi Lee. 

If I am not styling hair, you will most likely find me spending time with my fiancé and our adorable dog, getting tacos at my fav spot- Belair, or fitting in a workout at my local gym in order to work off those tacos!

What brought me here?

I am going on 3 years in this industry and my love for the all things hair and bridal just continues to grow. I studied mathematics in college--makes sense right? As a part-time hairstylist and full time student, I had a major epiphany while in Physics class when I realized that my supposed physics notes had turned into day dreams about hairstyles. 

On that same day, I dropped down to a part-time student (a motivated girl had got to finish that degree..am I right?) to pursue my dream of owning my own hair business. 

With an established clientele I have been blessed enough to begin to rent my own studio and continue to meet some amazing women along the way. 

What's next?

While I continue to love my cut/colors, I have certainly begun to focus more on bridal hair. With my young/fresh style and strong attention to details..with  a slight hint of perfectionism: I would say I am the perfect fit as a bridal hairstylist. I am also currently planning my own wedding, so I know all about the industry as a bride too! Check out my hottie of a future husband!

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I specialize in soft,romantic, boho hairstyles and would love to service this type of bride!

As I become more established, I now have a LexiLee trained assistant-Rachel Marie- that is available to come on site to accommodate those larger wedding parties. 

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Meet Rachel Marie 

Hi friends! I'm Rachel, a fun loving feminist who is honored to be Lexi Lee's assistant! To my girlfriends, I have always been the go-to-girl for braiding and curling. Now along with Lexi's guiding hand, she has helped to develop my natural talents and master advance bridal styling techniques-such as her signature beach wave that all Lexi Lee brides love. When I'm not studying for my masters or styling hair, I like staying active by running, crafting and hunting for the Nutella that my family hides from me on the daily. 


Together, Lexi Lee and Rachel Marie would LOVE to be a part of your upcoming day! Please check out our portfolio of all recent hair styles or say Hello in our contact form!